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An Interview With .... Dan 'Mobius' Sieradski.

Thanks again to Mobius for agreeing to take part in this. I really appreciate it. Let me also just thank the other bloggers who have been agreeing to take part in this. Without you guys, this blog would never work.

Life-Of-Rubin: Where were you born?

Mobius: Brooklyyyyn! My parents were living in Teaneck at the time but my mom didn't want me to have to go through life saying I was born in pansy-ass Teaneck. So she drove, in labor, to Brooklyn.

LOR: How important a meal is breakfast to you?

M: I live for eggs and homefries. I'm launching a new site in a couple of weeks with Harry from The View From Here. My regular feature will be breakfast reviews.

Who is your favorite male Yid in Hollywood?

M: Jon Stewart.

LOR: Who is your favorite female Maidel in Hollywood?

M: Sarah Silverman.

LOR: How hard is to have and/or maintain 32,345,620 Blogs? Do you ever sleep?

M: A piece of me dies inside with every mouseclick. Just kidding, sort of.

It's tough to deliver high quality content consistently. It's tough to sit hunched over a keyboard for 12 hour stretches. It's tough being so open and getting so much shit from the cruel and socially inept. It's tough, busting your ass for three years solid and watching other folks jack your site model and steal your thunder because their shtick is more "socially acceptable." It's tough standing up for what you believe in and being hated for it by perfect strangers.

I go to bed when the sun comes up, roll over at noon, throw back a latte, and hit the keys again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

LOR: Of all the things you've done on the Blogs you're active on, which one thing are you most proud of?

M: I'm presently most excited about Radical Torah. It will probably take a while before it fulfills the vision I have for it, but we're off to a great start, and I have high expectations.

LOR: Do you like being called a J-Blogger? Would you rather just be known as a BLOGGER?

M: I'm a blogger, yes. I'm a Jewish blogger. That makes me a jblogger. But I used to run a blog that had no Jewish content whatsoever. Would I still have been a jblogger then? Or do I need to be writing about Jewish content to qualify? The bigger question is, who cares? What purpose does the label serve? Am I supposed to give some pissy Philip Roth answer about being "just a writer" and not a "Jewish writer." I'm a Jew. I'm a writer. I'm a Jewish writer. I'm a writer who covers Jewish subjects. I'm a Jewish writer who covers non-Jewish subjects. The labels are irrelevant. I'm just a dude, man.

LOR: Who invented the term J-Blogger anyway?

M: It was probably Steven I. Weiss, hot shit that he is.

LOR: Do you think J-Blogging will ever become passé or 'tired'?

M: Man, I'm like, so over it. I'm working on my exit strategy.

LOR: Where does a J-Blogger draw the line between respecting another J-Bloggers opinion and being too mean or harsh towards the other a J-Bloggers opinion?

M: How much tolerance and patience do you have within you? And when is tolerance and patience inappropriate, and direct action necessary? It all depends on who's crossing what lines. The Dalai Lama, who's in Israel this week, would probably say, getting upset and lashing out a someone is never productive. But damnit, sometimes it's such a necessary release. Reading the endless spouting of intolerable views, you get riled up at the whole world and need to let off some steam. Screaming your head off on a website is a lot less dangerous and embarrassing than doing it in real life. But yeah, it's tactless, irresponsible, and non-compelling. Sometimes, though, you just have to tell an unrepentant prick where to stick it.

LOR: Where do you think more J-Bloggers blog from Israel or the U.S? Do you think the NY area J-Bloggers think they are the hub of the J-Blog community?

M: Definitely more in NYC. But Jerusalem is definitely the hub. It's where Jewschool and Jewlicious are both based, even if most of Jewschool's writers are in NY.

LOR: Cholent: treasured Shabbos dish or gross bowl of beans?

M: Tasty Metamusil alternative.

LOR: If Matisyahu and D'mitri Salita suddenly engage in a dance off, who would win?

M: Horny teenage girls.

LOR: Oy ... lol... Do you think O.J. will ever find the "REAL" killer?

M: Did you ever see Momento?

LOR: Who's more pathetic of a creature a NY Mets/Yankees fan or an Israeli Soccer fan?

M: The Yankees fans, for being the right-wing conservatives of the baseball world -- cheering on the wealthy (who inherited their fortunes) as they pummel the underprivileged (who have broken their backs for everything in life) into the ground.

LOR: … and last on the list. What advice do you give J-Bloggers who are just starting out?

M: Buy a notebook and a pencil, go sit under a tree, and put the goddamn computer away.

There you have it. Thanks again for agreeing to be part of this. I encourage people to link to this blog, and of course interact. Please comment, or send me suggestions and/or questions for the J-Bloggers coming up. To see who is coming up next, please click here.

A cheer for the anti-Yankees sentiment.
Fun interview

Cool website and a great idea. My only
issue...let's keep the cursing to a minimum. I know you want to "keep it real" but I think we should keep it under wraps if possible.

JB, I think the cursing was at a medium. I'm not going to edit peoples words. It wasn't anything vulgar or dirty really. If it was completely off color I would have edited it with permission.

Most of the people coming up I don't think there will any cursing from anyway.

Either way, little kids shouldnt be on the internet :-)Or their parents should get better Internet filters.

Nice work! I look forward to reading future installments in your interview series.

i like trees. but i'm going to use paper that's been used on one side already. dan - you got me into this! ah to sit under a tree...

i love it, chaim! great idea - how'd you think of it?

glad you're back bro - i missed my matis-stalking updates :-P


I got the idea from Basil, who started this concept but with a different format. This is also strictly for J-Blogs. Stick around, some good ones are coming up.

... and people ... if your readinf this ... add this blog to your blogroll. please.

ah there's nothing like starting off a new blog and an interview with a little homophobia and transphobia. "pansy-ass teaneck"--nice work!

please please note the sarcasm

Great interview :) Go NYC!

homophobia? i have queer smicha!

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